The easiest, fastest and most cost-efficient way to outsource your EDI.

Warehousing and same-day shipping. 

Everything in one place. EDI, warehousing and same-day order fulfillment. 

Grow your business. 

Grow your business while outsourcing the inconveniences of EDI. 

Get set-up quickly to become EDI compliant. 

Just need to get EDI compliant quickly? No problem. Our process is fast,simple and will ensure you are ready to exchange data with your retail partners at the most affordable price. 

We find, match and integrate you with the best, lowest cost EDI solution.

We shop all EDI rates for you, to find the one that fits your company best. 

  • Bulk shipping to retailer Distribution Centers

  • Drop Ship Direct-To-Consumer – Web Stores, Marketplaces

  • Drop Ship Direct-To-Store

  • 940 and 945 warehouse order processes

  • Sales Tracking processing and analysis

  • Customized solutions built to your specifications, including EDI compliance services.

  • Customized pick and pack and shipping

  • Web Portal visibility tools are available

  • Free interface files (flat files, IDOCS, XML, etc.) to and from WMS systems

  • UPS/FEDEX/USPS/DHL shipping systems

  • EDI mapping to xls

  • Bills of Lading

  • Any other EDI document which may be required


Selery is an Independent 3PL that provides businesses with the assistance they need to make the best decisions for warehousing /order fulfillment logistics and EDI setup. Selery has created a unique business model that makes the process of shopping and setting up EDI simple for businesses. We exist to serve the unique needs of small and mid-sized businesses who have been overlooked by an industry focused on “big business”.  There are no fees and no gimmicks. After you choose the EDI provider we represent you and set-up, manage all of your EDI, warehousing and order fulfillment ( that's needed). 



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